2021 Guide to Why Waterproofing Your Deck is Essential

I need to waterproof my deck. Why? Why now? What’s different about 2021? Better ask ‘what’s not different in 2021? Everything is different about 2021. Last year may have been different too but I really don’t want to talk about last year. We’ve never lived this collective shift in global health, travel concerns, restrictions, social distancing or uncertainty. So, what does this have to do with waterproofing my deck? Well, waterproofing my sundeck comes under the umbrella of everything. Looking at everything differently in 2021. Is this something I should do now? Even if you choose to act like nothing has changed, that itself is a change. Now this is getting far too philosophical so let’s just get down to the waterproofing. 

Here on the Sea-to-Sky corridor we live in an enviable green temperate rainforest defined by moderate oceanic climate with warm summers, wet winters and constant rainfall peaking in winter months. That’s it. That’s pretty much all that needs to be said about that. Waterproofing is imperative to protecting my investment and to enjoying the sundeck or roof deck for those glorious months when there’s no place on earth we’d rather be.  

Great flooring, indoors or outdoors, is the base for everything that then sits on top of it. Waterproofing seals and protects the outdoor flooring that we’ve either chosen or inherited. It extends our living space and creates a seating area where we can still enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of our home. It’s a place where social distancing in 2021 is possible. A place where we can see the faces of friends or loved ones without a zoom filter and still maintain safe recommended distances.  

Clearly, the structural integrity of your deck (again as part of your investment) is the principal reason for having this conversation about waterproofing a sundeck or roof deck. An unsealed sundeck or roof deck patio is an unfinished sundeck or roof deck. Sooner or later wood rot, mold, or mildew will inevitably cause sufficient damage leading to higher costs for both repairs and the eventual essential waterproofing. It is crucial that outdoor living spaces be properly protected by sealing and waterproofing. 

What we want is an attractive, seamless waterproof coating vinyl membrane that can be applied to any surface. My wish list should include professional installation (not a messy DIY job), a lifetime guarantee, a beautiful finish, and something easy to maintain (since yours truly will probably be doing the maintenance).  

An added benefit of waterproofing a sundeck is that the space also becomes your personal rejuvenation or relaxation zone. Those all-inclusive getaways, cruises, or adventures that we’re all thinking twice about in 2021 can be experienced somewhat (with a little imagination) on our own sundeck or terrace. Think twinkle lights, cocktails, patio furniture and the grill of your dreams. A waterproof vinyl membrane extends your living space onto the sundeck or roof deck and contributes to our physical and psychological wellbeing. 

So, now that the sundeck is protected and waterproof (and, oh so beautiful!) and we’re sitting happily with that decision, perhaps it’s time to use this same reasoning and invest in a self-watering system for those lovely planters and hanging baskets. It might not be the Maldives or Seychelles but right now it’s a favorite stay-cation spot and we’re worth it.

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