Sundeck and Roof Deck Coating Services


  • The Last Sundeck or Roof Deck Coating You will Ever Need
  • We serve North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton (North Shore and Sea to Sky Corridor)
  • We use Flexstone – CCMC Approved as a 100% Waterproof Roofing and Sundeck Membrane
    • Eco Friendly and Odourless – Water-caralyzed urethane (WCU) base coat has no nast smells or gases
    • Unlimited Lifespan: Weatherproof and waterproof – Designed to Handle Heavy Traffic
    • A Variety of Finish Coat Options to Choose from – Standard and Textured Stone Finishes
Flexstone Waterproof Coating - Standard Finish Roof Top - Squamish 1

Flexstone Lasts a Lifetime

Call it what you will ̶ terrace, patio, sundeck, roof deck, balcony, courtyard, outdoor space, or your veranda ̶ we all hope that space will fill some of our most basic human needs. A need for solitude in natural surroundings, a need for companionship with friends or family amidst breathtaking backdrops, a need for fresh air, a need to escape the confines of our living rooms, a need to connect with the outdoors, and currently we all have a need to be with people but to maintain safe social distances and preferably to be spending time outdoors when with others. There are few things that offer the satisfaction of an appealing, comfortable, low-maintenance patio, sundeck or roof deck.

FLEXSTONE is an attractive, seamless waterproof coating that can be applied to any surface. FLEXSTONE is the most durable membrane available and is easily applied and easily maintained. Comparable in price to vinyl, FLEXSTONE is an odourless solvent-free base with a luxurious textured-stone finish resulting in the patio or sundeck of your dreams. FLEXSTONE lasts a lifetime and offers a lifetime of good times on a patio or deck you’ll be proud of.

The beauty and versatility of FLEXSTONE is certainly not limited to decks and patios. The addition of FLEXSTONE around swimming pools and hot tub areas provides value-added protection along with rich surface texture. Ceramic tiles and tiled areas benefit from the addition of a FLEXSTONE covering. FLEXSTONE is the ideal waterproofing for resort decks or boat decks. As a protective sealant and waterproof coating for stairs and walkways, you’ll love the welcoming natural stone look. Indoor and outdoor uses of FLEXSTONE include the waterproofing of industrial and work-shop floor areas. FLEXSTONE is also an attractive durable waterproof flooring option for commercial spaces, walkways, and showrooms. In addition, FLEXSTONE serves as a practical, low-maintenance choice for garages, underground vehicle parkades and concrete driveways.